The huge challenges Robert Lewandowski had to overcome to become one of the world’s best player

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A deadly goalscorer, impressive technique, exemplary work ethic, but before becoming one of the best strikers on the planet, Robert Lewandowski had to overcome some tough challenges. Obstacles that made him into an incredible athlete with a steely mentality.

Robert Lewandowski

Over the course of his career, Robert Lewandowski has proved one thing: hard work is the key that can open any door. Everything started on August 21, 1988 in Warsaw, Poland, Robert Lewandowski, was born into a modest and loving family.

His father Christophe and his mother Iwana were athletes at heart, so from a very young age Robert Lewandowski discovered a love of sports. I was a really sporty kid. My parents were sports instructors. I tried many things: gymnastics basketball handball volleyball at school.

I wanted to take part in every possible activity. In fact, I didn’t play football, a lot, my father. He did judo, while the young boy was interested in everything he had to make a choice. A crucial decision for his future and Robert saw a future with the ball at his feet.

Still a teenager, he joined the reserve team of the best club in the country, Legia Varsava, a first step into the very exclusive world of professional football, but things didn’t go as planned time passed and the young man struggled to make an impact.

Worse, his body began playing up and Robert regularly injured himself. I was small short and very skinny. Everyone said you are too small. You won’t make it, but I wasn’t going to give up behind this skinny.

The Kid was already hiding the heart of a champion. The kid from Warsaw was simply determined to succeed, except a terrible event destroyed everything that he’d, built up to that point. When he was 16, his father tragically died.

My father died after a long illness. I still find it very hard to describe how difficult it was for me when you are a boy. There are certain things you can only talk to your dad about stuff, about growing up and becoming a man, Christoph Lewandowski left behind a wife and two kids after he died.

I often wanted to talk to him about these things. There were so many times that I wished. I could just call him on the phone even for 10 minutes, but I couldn’t. My mom tried to help me as much as she could, and I have a lot of respect for what she did for me.

She had to be both a mother and a father, but the struggles didn’t stop with his father’s. Passing a few months later, Legia Varsava. The Secretary told Robert Lewandowski that his contract, wouldn’t, be extended, a huge disappointment and a brutal end, which came at the worst time, while his dream seemed to be slipping from his grasp dropped by his club.

His mother encouraged him not to give up. That was the trigger of the turning point in his life, so Robert Lewandowskidecided to change everything. I learned a lot from all that uncertainty and the misery I had to work a lot on my confidence and I needed a lot of time to get back in shape, but when I did, I began scoring in game after game.

Four years later, I was being bombarded with offers to leave Polish football. The striker understood that, to last he had to train like a machine. The gym became his closest ally and Robert signed, his first pro contract with Ziyech Prusakov in the third division, a decision that paid off because the player broke out.

He piled up goals with impressive consistency. Two years later he signed for KKS Lech Poznań and became even better, but on June 11, 2010 his career took a decisive turn. Robert Lewandowski signed for Borussia Dortmund for more than five million dollars.

His arrival in Germany, didn’t, however, mark the start of his success. Robert took the elevator success takes the stairs, but Jürgen Klopp took the player under his wing and gave him all the tools to work with.

He made him play behind the striker. As a number 10., thanks to this, the poll made a huge amount of progress on a technical level. The relationship was so strong between the two men that Robert considers him like a second father, and this helped the striker evolve and become the man he is today.

Jürgen was not only a father figure to me as a coach. He was like the bad teacher. I mean that in the best sense of the word, when you were in school, which teacher do you remember the most, not the one who made life easy for you, but the one who was strict with you, the one who put pressure on you and did everything To get the best out of you, Jürgen was like that the striker knew that learning under clop was not easy.

The German coach is demanding very demanding, but his players know this demand comes from a good place. He was not content to. Let you be a b student Jürgen wanted a plus students. He didn’t want it for him.

He wanted it for you. Furthermore, he taught me so much when I arrived at Dortmund. I wanted to do everything quickly. Jurgen showed me to calm down. Klopp’s, methods paid off in the roar levy, passed 100 golds. In four years.

The striker became a world-class player and after excelling with the black and yellows he set off to Bayern Munich. But many people, didn’t believe in him and thought he wouldn’t succeed in Poland when his transfer to Bayern was announced.

Despite all of Dortmund’s. Success. People in the street told me that he wouldn’t succeed at Munich and that the level was too high for him. Unbelievable it’s. Also, a good example of how pessimistic these people are.

The poll shone and became Lewandowski. He won every possible trophy and in 2020 it looked like he was going to win the Ballon d’or unfortunately, nobody received the trophy because of the health crisis.

But the player doesn’t need this as a source of motivation. He continues to deliver amazing performances and score goals to the extent he’s now considered the best centre forward in the world.

Robert Lewandowski has proved the hard work is the real key to success and that the reward is even sweeter. After all, this work over time, the Polish player has forged a true champion’s mentality, but more significantly, he developed a physique ready to take on any test training, diet, recovery, his wife Anna, has really helped him change his lifestyle and to become an Extraordinary athlete she’s, a lifestyle expert, a food expert.

She studied these things went through a lot of training. All this really helped me. I’m happy to have her at my side. In the end, my strength and my energy have improved with her methods. My body recovers quicker that’s, one of the little details, but it makes a difference.

Robert Lewandowski has given 300% since his father’s, death determined to pay tribute to him. He never gave up Pep Guardiola even admitted that the striker was the most professional player that he’s ever met, which shows just how much work.

The kid from Warsaw put in, despite the injuries and the failures Robert always bounced back. He proved that the criticism means nothing and that, through hard work and determination, anything is possible.

The Polish player has learned one thing in particular from his journey. Our priorities and objectives might not always be the same. Turn. Criticism into motivation turn motivation into success, but passion is and has to stay the driving force in our lives.

Don’t give up just when you think that you’ve had enough. Remember don’t, give up

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