Entire England cricket squad goes into isolation

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Entire England cricket squad goes into isolation

Just breaking in the last few minutes, the entire England cricket team are having to self-isolate, because seven members of the squad, that’s, three players and four members of the management team have tested positive for COVID-19, that seven of them have tested positive, so the rest naturally are having to self-isolate, and this two days before England are due to play Pakistan at the start of a one day, international series with three 2020 matches to come after that.

What are they going to do? The series will go ahead. They’ll need the money, so they’re, going to pick as of now, they’re working on it. Now, a new squad. They’ll, announce it in the next few years completely new squad uh.

It’ll, be captained by Ben Stokes, who wasn’t involved in the original squad and the obviously, the incoming players will be tested, So will the Pakistan players, what England have done is slightly relax the very tight bubble restrictions which have been causing concern for some players about the mental well-being of players.

You’ll be aware that sportsmen around the world have had that kind of problem, so the chief executive officer of the cricket board tom Harrison says: quote uh we’ve, been mindful that the emergence of the delta variants, along with the move away From the stringent enforcement of biosecure environments could increase the chances of an outbreak, we made a strategic choice to try to adapt protocols in order to support the well-being of our players and management staff, who’ve spent much of the last 14 months living In very restricted conditions, but there’s, obviously a risk with that, and they are now paying the price one squad is going to lie into isolation and right now they’re working on calling up a new one.

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